New Bonus Content: Character Sketches
Sunday, March 3, 2019

I've started making character sketches and basic bios for all of my Magicsmith characters!
These will be posted in a new tab on the Bonus Features page titled, surprise, surprise, Character Sketches.
I started with Alex since she's my main protagonist, and I'll add new sketches as I finish them. I'm only presenting each character's attributes as known by Alex at the beginning of book one, so as not to give anything away. Later, I may add more in-depth biographies that include knowledge gained about the characters throughout the series, but I'll be sure to hide them behind spoiler warnings if I decide to do that. :)

Alyssandra "Alex" Katherine Blackwood

AGE: 28
EYE COLOR: Gray-blue

BACKGROUND: Father left when she was 10, then went MIA during the Faerie Wars when she was 13. Mother was killed in a car accident when Alex was 17, at which point Solomon Adams became her legal guardian. She went to college in Fort Collins, CO, where she became friends with David Nolan, Aiden Daye, and Maggie Hawthorne. She works as an artist specializing in metal sculpture, and shows her work at the Souled Art Gallery in Boulder, Colorado. Lives in the mountains just outside of Nederland, Colorado.