New Release: Courting Darkness
Friday, August 23, 2019

Can you believe it? Courting Darkness is already out!
For those of you who don't know, Courting Darkness is the second book in my urban fantasy series: The Magicsmith.
The series follows the adventures of metalsmith Alex Blackwood as she uncovers a number of disturbing truths about herself and the world, all while solving mysteries and fighting bad guys. Here's the blurb from the back cover of Courting Darkness:
Deeper into the shadows. . .

The paranatural community isn’t done with Alex. She’s been summoned to the fae court, and she's got her hands full trying to prepare. But her date with the fae will have to wait. There’s been a death at the gallery, and the man she hoped would be a part of her future is the prime suspect.

Bitter enemies pull her into the middle of a paranatural war for territory that has her dodging police, swords, teeth, and claws—not to mention the truth. The deeper she digs, the more secrets she uncovers, and the less certain she is about the innocence of the one man she wanted to trust.

She thought she was done with murder and monsters, but she’ll have to enter the belly of the beast if she hopes to save her friend.
I feel like this whole month has been a crazy blur. My first book, A Drop of Magic, released July 31st. Since then I've been promoting book 1, getting ready for the launch of book 2, and putting the finishing touches on the manuscript for book 3. And that's just my writing life. I feel like I could face-plant my bed and sleep for a week!

At least all that work has produced some pretty awesome creations!
Here are some links where you can find my books:
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