Author Spotlight: Corinne O'Flynn
Thursday, April 22, 2021

Today I want to introduce you to author Corinne O'Flynn, who is celebrating the release of her newest book: Undead Men Tell No Tales, the first installment in an exciting seafaring urban fantasy adventure with romance, magic, betrayal, intrigue, and lots of mystery!
Corinne is a USA Today bestselling author of fantasy and mystery books. She's the author of The Expatriates fantasy-adventure series, Witches of Tower Hill paranormal suspense series featuring the award-winning Ghosts of Witches Past, the Aumahnee Prophecy urban fantasy series, which she co-writes with Lisa Manifold, and the Half Moon Girls murder-mystery series. She is also a publisher with Wicked Ink Books, whose titles include the award-winning TICK TOCK: Seven Tales of Time and their latest release, OFF BEAT: Nine Spins on Song.
Even the craftiest pirate can’t outrun the curse of the sea witch.

Known on the high seas as the Fog Queen, Morianna Swift never imagined her life as a pirate. But after her brother’s death, she has no choice; she’ll be damned if she’ll stand by and watch as the family fortune is taken by the murderous thieves at the East India Company. While fleeing her previous life as a high-born lady, Morianna is cursed with a powerful hex that imprisons her forever upon the waves.

Unable to master the magic to free herself, Morianna seeks the one being powerful enough to remedy her curse. Everyone knows that a deal with the sea witch seals your fate as sure as succumbing to the siren’s song, but Morianna rolls the bones anyway and puts her fate in the hands of the sorceress. Locked in an unbreakable promise that threatens not only her soul, but the souls of those she loves, Morianna refuses to accept that there’s no way out.

All of this while the East India Company continues their quest to dominate the ports, the city, and the sea—at all costs. Caught in the current of two opposing forces, Morianna finds herself in the middle of a maelstrom that threatens to destroy everything she's fought so hard to protect.

She's never relied on fair winds or following seas; the Fog Queen makes her own luck.

Pick it up launch week at the discount price of $ .99!

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Excerpt from Undead Men Tell No Tales:

I should have killed him.

Standing at the stern of the dinghy, my head swam with dizziness and dread. As the beach came into view, every part of me wanted to dive off the back of the skiff and disappear into the sea. I could swim back to the ship, right? Nobody would miss me; my business could wait.

A bead of sweat trickled over my temple as I stared at the backs of my crew. The oarsmen brought us to shore. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the other non-rowing passengers, Mr. Fusack’s body tensed under my gaze as if he could tell I was watching him and could read my thoughts.

If I’d learned anything from my father, it was to heed my first instinct. That tiny spark of inclination came from deep wisdom, which we should learn to trust. My father always advised taking a good think when the circumstances merited, and constraints allowed—he saw no reason to rush when you had the luxury of sitting with your thoughts.

“Think on it if you can. Change your mind if you like,” he’d say in his soft-spoken manner that always made everyone around him quiet down so they wouldn’t miss a word. “But never forget, your initial reaction arrived in your belly for a very, very good reason.”

In this case, my first instinct was to draw my cutlass across the sleeping neck of my soon-to-be ex-pilot, Mr. Barnaby Fusack, without so much as a second glance. Insubordination among sailors could be deadly, and when those sailors were engaged in piracy on the high seas against the force called East India… well, insubordination was like a festering boil and had to be cut out at the source.

I’d watched Mr. Fusack sleeping in his hammock. He swayed gently as we sailed, his foul breath dank as his oily beard, and his thick fingers folded together across his belly like the corpse I wished I had made him. The man had been one of the most trusted crew of my brother’s, and my father’s before him—God rest their souls—but it seems family ties only counted for so much where he was concerned.

Mr. Fusack was a quick thinker, an excellent navigator, and a gifted storyteller. He’d spin tales of adventures on the high seas that kept the crew rapt, hanging on every word. He was also a disrespectful louse who refused to heed any order from me until it was repeated by Mr. Albie, my First Mate. I had allowed Mr. Fusack to remain on my ship despite his refusals to hear me out of some imagined loyalty to my father and brother, I suppose.

But my leniency almost cost us everything.

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About Corinne

Corinne is a native New Yorker living in Colorado who wouldn’t trade life in the Rockies for anything. She is a self-proclaimed scone aficionado, a professional napper, and she has an entire section of her kitchen devoted to tea. She serves on the board of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers as the Chair of the Colorado Gold annual conference. When not writing, she can be found hanging with her husband and their four kids, playing board games, knitting, reading, or binge watching some fabulous shows (while sipping tea).