New Release: Chaos Song
Friday, November 11, 2022

Today is release day for CHAOS SONG, book 6 in my award-winning Magicsmith series!
First I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to everyone who preordered the book. Thanks to you, Chaos Song made it all the way to the Top 50 Bestsellers list on Amazon for contemporary fantasy. If you bought the ebook version, you should be able to start reading right away. Physical editions are in the mail. :)

If you didn't get around to preordering, you can still support this launch by grabbing your copy today. Consistent sales are huge for the success of a book in the early days of its release.
You can find purchase links on the book's page here on my website.
I'd also like to offer a special thanks to those ARC readers who have already posted reviews. Books thrive on reviews, and there's no better way of encouraging authors to write more books than recommending our work to other readers.
Here are a few of those early reviews:
"This author's books are always entertaining, in-depth and well written. I enjoyed this epic fantasy to the last. So many different species with different agendas brought to a battlefield most don't expect to survive. The battles and all the challenges Alex faces collide in a remarkable read." -Karen F.

"Once I started this book, I didn’t want to put it down. We see some old enemies, some old friends, and some great action....If you aren’t reading this great urban fantasy series, you are definitely missing out. Highly recommend." -Penny N.

"Chaos Song is an original and riveting story that kept me enthralled. It has great plot, strong and brave characters and a lot of heart-pounding action. A must read!" - NetGalley Reviewer

"This was another great entry in the Magicsmith series....The characters were really well done and I enjoyed every part of the journey." -Kathryn M.
In case you need even more convincing to read this book, here's an excerpt!
“Your lord was clever to send you, a mortal representative, to track his wayward general, but you were a fool to come without the full backing of the PTF.”
“He’s not my lo—wait, what? General? Are you talking about Shedraziel?” My brain scrambled to switch tracks from the knee-jerk response of denying Bael was my boss to the word “general” and its terrifying implications. If Shedraziel was somehow involved. . . . I shook my head. “That’s not possible. Bael gave me his—” I snapped my mouth shut. Even while at peace, the fae realms were political adversaries, and information was a precious commodity. If the undine didn’t already know that I was behind Bael’s decision to postpone his invasion of the mortal realm, I wasn’t going to tell them. Such an admission would only solidify the misconception that I was somehow bound to him, whether through debt or loyalty.
The Undine Lord remained silent through my moment of mental gymnastics, but the dark focus of her gaze was a constant prickle against my skin.
“Bael didn’t send me,” I said at last. “He doesn’t even know I’m here.” I didn’t want to be associated with Bael’s crimes at the best of times, but especially not when my life was in the hands of one of his victims. I bunched my fists and forced myself to take a deep breath, but the water that flooded my lungs didn’t soothe my nerves nearly so well as the air it had replaced. “I came here on behalf of the mortal realm to find out if the sea fae were responsible for the trash that washed up on our shores. A simple yes or no, and I can get out of your hair.”
Your shores. A simple answer.” A deep sound like distant thunder flitted at the edge of my hearing. The vibration shook my bones. “Your arrogance rivals that of Bael himself.”
“I’m only trying to prevent future conflict between our people.”
“And what would you do if you learned we were responsible for your current situation?”
I double-checked her words in my mind. Phrased as a question, there was no actual admission of guilt.
“I’d report my findings to the PTF and recommend we open negotiations immediately, before the situation devolves any further.”
“Do you have the authority to negotiate for humanity?”
I frowned. “No. The PTF would send someone more qualified.”
She drifted side to side. I got the impression she was pacing. “You claim to act on behalf of the PTF, but you do not carry their support. You claim kinship to the Lord of Enchantment, but deny fealty to him.” She tapped one long, webbed finger against her chin. “It would seem the truth is that you have no authority . . . and therefore no protection.”
She abruptly came closer with one strong pulse of her limbs.
I back-paddled, but there was nowhere to go. I was literally out of my element.
“I invoke the Wayfarer’s Clause.” The words were out of my mouth before I even registered them.
The Undine Lord’s eyes were pools of oil, staring at me from inches away. A rainbow sheen rippled across the darkness. Her lips parted, stretching into a smile that showed the jagged tips of barbed teeth. Tilting her head to the side, she addressed Annabrae. “Put her in a cell.”
The lord’s tentacles brushed against me as she propelled herself backward in a gush of bubbles.
Annabrae’s hand wrapped around my upper arm like a shackle.
“Wait! Under the Wayfarer’s Clause you have to host me for three nights as your guest, safe from harm.”
My words passed into the darkness above as the Undine Lord vanished beyond the edge of the light provided by the glowing plants.
“My lord knows well the bindings of such a claim.” Annabrae’s grip tightened. “You will survive until the clause has lapsed.”
And after that? I was too afraid to voice the question.
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