New Release: Lies and Illusion!
Friday, June 28, 2024

Lies and Illusion, the seventh book in the award-winning Magicsmith urban fantasy series, is now available!

Early reviewers are calling this book "mind-blowing", "brilliant", "powerful," and a "non-stop action thrill-ride"!

Diplomacy has never been Alex’s strong suit. . .

When the vampire council puts Alex and James on trial for exposing the species’ existence to the world, Alex's freedom and James's life hang in the balance, though Alex suspects James’s new daywalking ability is the real aim of their inquisition.

Any hope of talking their way out of hot water evaporates when one of the council members is found murdered . . . with James standing over the smoldering corpse. With every vampire looking to claim Alex’s power for themselves, she will have to team up with an unlikely ally, push her magic to its limits, and match wits against a powerful new foe if she hopes to come out unscathed.
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